About Us

Who are we?

We are three guys making the best of a bad situation. When we lost our jobs due to the closure of Pacs Switchgear LLC we knew there would be a void left in the parts and field service markets. So, we partnered to create Specialized Switchgear Solutions to fill that void. Together we have 35+ years of experience in the switchgear business, however we are specializing in replacement parts, refurbishes and field service. If you are having a problem with your switchgear contact us so we can help!

Rick Knox, Co-owner

I began my career in 1996 working for Mandell Dalis at PACS Industries in Mount Vernon, Ohio. Throughout my 24 years in the switchgear industry I have learned many tricks of the trade from the best. In 1996 I started as a 19 year old with little knowledge of switchgear. Within 6 months I became an assembly lead which I maintained for 3 years when I transferred to the Quality Assurance department to broaden my knowledge. I continued to work in QA for 5 years through the PACS Industries "hayday" shipping over 500 projects in that 5 year span. After my QA years I transferred back to production again assuming a lead role in assembly which I held until 2010 when I earned the assembly supervisors position. In 2012 I earned the Manufacturing Manager position where I championed a drive towards lean manufacturing becoming a Six Sigma Blackbelt and built a strong, diverse knowledgeable crew with 5 supervisors and up to 400 employees at any given time. In 2014 during the take over of PACS Switchgear, LLC I also earned the Field Service Manager position in addition to my Manufacturing Manager position. I held both of these positions until the untimely closure of PACS Switchgear in February, 2020. I look forward to continuing to work in the switchgear industry and building strong relationships going forward!

Donald Smith, Co-owner

Started as an Assembler of medium voltage Switchgear at the age of 19, and by the age of 20 started working in the special project division of Pacs Industries. This included building/installing/designing Circuit Breakers, Switches, Potential Transformer Drawers, G&T’s, and any other job specific item. Promoted by the age of 24 to supervisor of the Special Project Division and primary spare parts builder as well as a lead field service technician. Then promoted to Parts Manager of PACS Switchgear LLC in 2014, and continued supporting all the customers needs until PACS Switchgear’s closure in early 2020.

If you need to contact me for any of your needs please feel free to call me at (330) 641-4508 or send me an email at donald.smith@specialtyss.com